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The following packages are preconfigured bundles of services
tailored to usual needs in 3 different stages or project sizes. 
If you need a more individualized combination of services, choose SELECT below.



The STARTER package is your quick and affordable Entry into the world of Entrepreneurship with the basic networking needs: 

  • Business Card

  • Small Website

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The PROFESSIONAL Bundle is your chance to RISE & SHINE as a purpose driven Entrepreneur if you really mean it. You want to look professional and thriving when contacting your new clients and business partners with

  • A beautiful Logo

  • Business Card

  • Medium Website

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You are going for something big and you know it. You need to look professional and want to get things started quickly and affordable but already have an important, maybe complex story to tell or already a product or service to sell? This is for you: 

  • Logo Design

  • Corporate Identity Design

  • Business Card

  • Large Website or

  • Simple Online-Shop

  • entering up to 15 products

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Additionally to the packages above you can book extra services or pick & mix several services and products in case you already prepared some of your marketing material and just want add-ons or a review etc.